What Is A Short Sell?

A short sell happens when a home owner falls behind on their payments and is unable to make up the difference.    If the homeowner is unable to sell for enough to cover for the amount owed,  including any additional expenses(such as real estate agent fees, taxes), a short sell typically becomes the next best option.  Going into full foreclosure is the worst thing that could happen to a homeowner.   A foreclosure happens if a homeowner doesn’t sell the home as a short sell.  Foreclosures cause much worse credit issues then a short sell will.

Approximately 15% of all homes sold in the Indianapolis area are an Indianapolis short sold home.

Typically, a short sell can happen for the following reasons:

  1. A hardship financially.  Maybe you have lost your job?  Or moving out of state and have been unable to sell?   Maybe you have some serious medical bills that have caused you to no longer afford your mortgage.
  2. Income Shortfall.  Your bills are more then you make.
  3. Insolvency.    You have no verifiable assets that could cover for the mortgage shortfall.

A good agent is needed that has a lot of short sell experience, both with negotiating with the bank on your behalf, as well as the complex follow-up and paperwork needed to make the short sell a success.

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