BBVA Compass shortsale

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Anyone who has ever tried to sell a house knows just how tedious the process can actually be. Finding a good agent, getting the house ready, and hoping your agent gets potential buyers in the door can give you many sleepless nights. Add in a serious deadline and a lender to whom you are either facing foreclosure with or are upside down in your mortgage with and you have a short sale. Doing a BBVA Compass shortsale on your own is as nearly impossible as it may look but with the expert short sale team at , it doesn’t have to be.
With over 14 years of real estate knowledge at their disposal, they are the experts in quick sale home solutions. They not only know how to list and quickly sell your house, they can work with your lender to ensure the best solution for you, including any BBVA Compass shortsale. Your lender may refuse to work with you and may even threaten foreclosure which is the word any homeowner fears most but your lender won’t refuse to work with them.
You can get the process started by simply going to and filling out the short contact form and one of their short sale experts will contact you quickly for more information. If your situation is severe, you can even call Theresa Bartels directly via the contact link to get the BBVA Compass shortsale started quicker. You can also watch the short video or even download their free e-book on how the whole process works from start to finish. You can also view the many short sale approval letters and testimonials from the many happy customers they saved from the nightmare of foreclosure.
The expert team at has built their reputation upon the fact that they not only have the best team of real estate specialists and investors, they can also work out any quick sale home solution, including any BBVA Compass shortsale. They have the ability to work with any lender regardless of how dire the situation may be and the tools to get your house sold quickly leaving you to simply get some much needed rest knowing everything is in their capable hands. So if you are in the Indianapolis area and are facing foreclosure or even bankruptcy, don’t go at a short sale alone. Let the team with all of the best tools and industry knowledge take care of your BBVA Compass shortsale and you can become one of the many happy customers they have served and saved from possible financial ruin.

Foreclosure Help Indiana

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Are you looking for foreclosure help Indiana?

We specialize in helping you avoid foreclosure with foreclosure help Indiana.

If you are experiencing periods of financial distress, let us help you, even if you think your situation is hopeless. We have helped hundreds of people in the same foreclosure status get their home sold before the home went into foreclosure. Many of our clients have not paid on their mortgage in months if not years sometimes.

With foreclosure help Indiana, let us salvage your credit and let you move on with your life in a dignified manner. Everything is private and confidential.

Make sure to watch the quick two minute video on right side on how we will short sale your home at no cost to you.

If you have any questions or your situation is urgent, call us immediately at 317-514-0005 or 317-490-5074.

Download the free book we wrote on how to short sale your home. With foreclosure help Indiana, we want to help you!

Carmel Luxury Home Short Sale Specialist Realtor

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I thought I would write this quick post after speaking with someone about a luxury home that they had to selll, a short sale luxury Carmel home.   The home is worth well over $450,000.   My new clients had been told that because their home was priced over $350k, they were not legally able to sell their home as a short sale!  This is not the case.!  Whether the home is worth only $100k, or a Zionsville luxury short sale, or Carmel luxury short sale, we can help you get out from under the home you are in.

Should I Try To Short Sell My Home Without An Agent?

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This is a great article about this topic I just found:

Indianapolis Foreclosure Process, avoid forclosure, foreclosure avoidance information

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It seems to happen over and over again, I hear it almost daily.

Potential customers are giving me calls/emails and they aren’t aware that there is foreclosure avoidance information available to you, and Indianapolis foreclosure avoidance costs you nothing out of your pocket, as the bank will pay my fee to sell your home.

We can prevent foreclosure, please contact us today before it’s to late.  Remember, with a foreclosure on your record, it will take approx. 7 years before you can purchase another home, by avoiding foreclosure, we can get you into another home with your own mortgage in 2-3 years.

Sign up on the right hand side of this page for additional information on what we can do for you.

Indianapolis Short Sales. We Wrote The Book On Short Sales!

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I have some exciting news.   We’ve done many, many short sales over the past few years and about six months ago I decided to put pen to paper and create a book for home sellers just as yourself.  It looks like the hard work has paid off.  I’ve included in this email a link to the pdf version of my soon to be published in print book on short sale help entitled “Should I Short Sale My Home?”.

As an authoritative expert in the short sale industry, I know I can get you out from under your home in the most efficient and least painful way.  With our contacts to almost 10,000 real estate investors and buyers, we can get your home sold quickly, many times to clients we have in-house.

Thanks again and I hope the new book I have written will help with any additional questions you might have.  You can download a free  instant download copy in PDF format by filling out the simple form on the right hand side of this page.

We Are Looking For Additional Indianapolis Short Sales and Carmel Short Sales!

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I have hundreds of investors that are looking to buy short sell properties(we sometimes sell the homes within hours of us sending to our VIP Private Buyer list of investors).

If you know anyone looking to short sell their home or have any questions, please fill out the simple form on the right hand side of this page and we will be in contact with you.


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