It’s a difficult financial time for all of us in America.  This website has been put together to help you, the home owner, get out from under a home that is holding you back from your dreams of moving on.  We take a caring, respective approach to finding a good buying for your home and letting you continue forward with your life. Everything said between us and you is confidential.

No matter what your situation, no matter how large of a mortgage, whether you are rich or poor, or feel you are out of options, we can help 95% of all home owners that are looking at foreclosure or short sell options.  With over 10% of all homeowners in the Indianapolis home buying area in the same position, this is nothing to be ashamed of.    Everyone deserves to have options explained to them and allow you to move on with your life.

We will work with your bank on your behalf to negotiate the best route for you to take on selling your home.  You owe more then what it’s worth?  No problem! We work with hundreds of sellers each year in the same position as yourself.  Our experience makes this a much less stressful situation then if you were doing this on your home.  And the good thing is, it cost you nothing out of your pocket for us to sell your home!  This is different then a normal situation when a home seller would be paying us a commission.   Essentially, your bank will be paying for us to sell your home for you.

Once again, everything we do for you is confidential.  We look forward to hearing from you very soon.  In the meantime, make sure to take a look at the resources we have available for you.  Several free books and links to recommended books on Amazon.com

We are here to help you.

If your situation is urgent, please contact Theresa Bartels at 317-514-0005

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