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I thought I would write this quick post after speaking with someone about a luxury home that they had to selll, a short sale luxury Carmel home.   The home is worth well over $450,000.   My new clients had been told that because their home was priced over $350k, they were not legally able to sell their home as a short sale!  This is not the case.!  Whether the home is worth only $100k, or a Zionsville luxury short sale, or Carmel luxury short sale, we can help you get out from under the home you are in.

Another successful Camby short sale, 7903 Puckett Lane

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Another successful short sale closed. 7903 Puckett Lane. Seller owed over $100k on this property. WE were able to negotiate and settle with Bank of America accepting $67k on this property!  This is a Camby Short sale



Successful short sale. Negotiated for $50k less then owed! 9676 Treyburn Lakes Drive

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Here is another successful Indianapolis short sale that we have closed. This home seller owed over $175k on this home, we were able to sell this for $120k. Seller didn’t pay a penny out of pocket, NOTHING. Also, in my negotiations with bank, I was able to get the bank to PAY THE SELLER $3,000 AT CLOSING! This doesn’t happen every time, but it shows you that having the right listing agent, one that knows how to work with banks, makes all the difference.

Here is a photo of the property we short sold.

Home at 9684 Treyburn Lakes Drive listed and sold as a short sale. Owner owes nothing!

Posted by: Craig Bartels  :  Category: Successful Short Sales Negotiated!

Another successful closing, another successful seller we have helped get out from under a home mortgage that was holding them back.

Homeowner purchased and owed on home well over $175,000. I was able to negotiate with bank and settle with bank at $125,000. Homeowner owes nothing further to bank, the $50k has been wiped away!

Let me help you with your Indianapolis short sale. We are experts on short sale negotiation and have worked with literally hundreds of clients helping them move on with their lives.

Oh, and the seller paid none of our commissions, as the bank paid these!

Here is a video  testimonial from this client:





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